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The founder of SOFThinking is a writer and a management and governance thinker who believes that new internet technologies will be the main channel of learning, e-learning or e-training and business management. The founder is on line since 1986 and on line e-business since 2007. You can find so many papers he wrote on the blog http://www.akgsoftthing.blogspot  and his main website SOFThinking

SOFThinking, an Internet company creates and provides e-books, scripts and graphics, e-learning. We help companies and e-marketers to develop their e-products and e-services, providing information, affiliate and e-marketing services, web promotion tools. We also run affiliate programs and e-shops and help those interested to develop e-marketing tools and softwares, MLM and cash leveraging system. We believe that e-commerce will be the most important channel for buyers and consumers. SOFThinking is available on some e-stores you can discover on SOFThinking Store.
 Welcome to boost this business.

METIS – Bloc Ethique, Transparence, Intégrité et Sécurité – Africa Monitoring

Au vu de la croissance généralisée de la criminalité en col blanc, des besoins de résolution des litiges qui parfois dépassent les frontiè...